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Basketball Court Flooring

Since its first appearance as a game in 1891–when Dr. James Naismith took hoops from two peach baskets and a ball at the YMCA to make an indoor game for kids–basketball has grown brilliantly ever since to become the most recognized and favorite all-time sport of Americans.

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned professional, basketball is an easy sport for many to play since it requires such simple equipment of a hoop, a ball and a hard surface court.

Hard surface courts can be made from several kinds of materials such as hardwood, concrete asphalt or rubber sports tiles.


If you are considering the right kind of flooring for the surface of an indoor court for a residence or as large as a full-court gym in a stadium, there are excellent choices for the most durable materials.

What is the best hardwood flooring for an indoor basketball court? Maple hardwood flooring is known for its exceptional strength and durability.  Its wood grain is also extremely tight, its fibers being extremely close together, keeping dust and dirt granules from residing between the grains, making it an ideal choice when considering wood that will give a long life span.

The hardwood flooring is then coated with several layers of a protective sealant to increase the life and protect the hardwood.  Hardwood is an excellent choice for basketball surfaces as most wood floors can even be restored to look brand new again.


Because gyms are mostly used by the public, the gym flooring gets a heavy amount of daily traffic. It is recommended by manufacturers and installers of sports floors that the flooring by screened (lightly and very finely buffed or sanded) and re-coated with a protective sealant each year to help the surface stay in pristine condition.

Since dirt granules from the bottom of your shoe will work like a fine abrasive, it will begin to wear away the flooring with each step. For the ideal maintenance, a sports hardwood floor should be cleaned on a daily basis. And to protect and maintain your gym floor even more, dry mopping between each activity is highly recommended.

For more information or for a professional quote about custom indoor basketball flooring, call Carson’s Custom Hardwoods at 801-830-9663. Let us guide you through the questions and answers to make your sports flooring the crowning jewel for decades to come.